Melissa Currie

Melissa Currie


Melissa is currently an assistant professor at Mississippi State University.


Melissa Currie is a licensed landscape architect and experienced land planner. Prior to coming to UNCC for doctoral studies in Geography and Urban Regional Analysis, she was an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Texas Tech University, teaching studios in Urban Design, Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration, and Regional Planning.


2015 expected, Ph.D. Geography and Urban Regional Analysis, UNC Charlotte;

Master of Landscape Architecture, Cornell University: Concentration in Urban Design;

B.S. Landscape Architecture, Magna cum Laude, Cornell University: Concentration in Sustainable Development.


Melissa’s research interests include planning and how regions can transform themselves into a more sustainable model in which they are empowered to reverse decline and embrace the future; how communities can be rebuilt following disaster or collapse; and how the design of the built environment impacts health.