Hidden Valley Elementary School Soccer Fest

In the past year, we have collaborated with the Parent Teacher Organization from Hidden Valley Elementary School, a school that has a population around 1,000 students. It is through our partnership with the PTO that CHARP has attempted to implement strategies that will foster community engagement and provide opportunities for individuals to develop leadership qualities, as well as, grow together as a community. We identified the PTO as a powerful vehicle for community development in the Hidden Valley neighborhood. After considering the parents and students’ interests, the PTO and CHARP decided to create an event that would allow us to cultivate and strengthen the relationship between parents, students and the school’s administration. We created the Hidden Valley Elementary School Soccer Fest, a fundraising event that provided a day filled with player development training, skill-building games, and of course, fun. On Saturday, November 10th, 2018 Hidden Valley Elementary School hosted their very first Soccer Fest. It was clear from the laughter and cheering that occurred that students, parents and administrators truly enjoyed getting out to play soccer together and raise some money for their school. Most importantly, the event demonstrated how a community can be empowered by the collaboration of its constituents and its educational institution. It was a day to remember and hopefully a tradition that can continue at Hidden Valley Elementary School for years to come.

Watch the video of the event here!