Washington Heights

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The Honors College students under the supervision of Dr. Robert Arnold and Dr. Janni Sorensen completed and presented an impressive history project to the Washington Heights community. Residents and students gathered at the Excelsior Club to see what the students had created with the collaboration of Washington Heights. An assortment of photos and oral histories […]

Residents of Druid Hills, Washington Heights, and Optimist Park attended a presentation of work conducted by UNC Charlotte students related to oral histories. The event was a well-received success and sparked much interest and feedback on the websites created by students. Optimist Park website Washington Heights website

Students and residents came together this past weekend to rework and reopen the community garden located near the Nia Point Apartments. The event had music, games, and a lot of hard work to get the garden cleared, tilled, and replanted for the season. Those in attendance planted corn, carrots, collards, flowers, and squash. Residents hope […]