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Hidden Valley Elementary School Soccer Fest

In the past year, we have collaborated with the Parent Teacher Organization from Hidden Valley Elementary School, a school that has a population around 1,000 students. It is through our partnership with the PTO that CHARP has attempted to implement strategies that will foster community engagement and provide opportunities for individuals to develop leadership qualities, […]

Butterflies take flight in Druid Hills

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The Charlotte Post detailed the partnership between Angel Hjarding’s Butterfly Highway and the Druid Hills Neighborhood as they work together to reintroduce vital pollinators across Charlotte. The Butterfly Highway also touched down at Moore Place as the tenants built butterfly gardens. Moore Place has become a notable and vital example of Charlotte’s commitment to end […]

Neighborhood Planning Seminar works at the new Druid Hills Community Garden.

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The students of the Neighborhood Planning class spent a morning volunteering in the Druid Hills Neighborhood community garden. Druid Hills hosted a volunteer day on October 14, 2015 to get a few small projects done in the garden. The students helped to spread compost and top soil, pull weeds, spread materials, and light clean up. […]

The Butterfly Highway

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Angel Hjarding’s Butterfly Highway project is gathering steam. Fresh off a presentation on citizen science in Sweden, she is continuing to organize in CHARP partner neighborhoods to create the Butterfly Highway. The Butterfly Highway is a community-conducted, citizen science effort to create “highways” for vital pollinators in Charlotte, NC. Green spaces and pollinator gardens will […]

Coalition to take on Charlotte’s chronic homelessness issue

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Public, non-profit, and private organizations are working to raise funds to end chronic homelessness in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Using a Housing First approach, the funds would potentially end chronic homelessness in Charlotte. The Charlotte Observer posted an excellent story this week. Ending chronic homelessness in Charlotte

Keeping Watch – Reid Park’s history with Irwin and Stewart Creek

PlanCharlotte has conducted an incredible, in-depth history of Charlotte’s creek and waterway system as part of their Keeping Watch series. The site discusses each important creek in Charlotte and its complex history filled with good memories and abuse that have shaped how we see and enjoy the creeks today. Of special interest is the piece […]

Mobile Arts & Community Experience (MAX) rolls out in Charlotte

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The Mobile Arts & Community Experience (MAX) is the product of a $350,000 Knight Foundation grant and the work of the UNCC College of Arts and Architecture, City.Building.Lab and the Charlotte Action Research Project. The MAX is a mobile space for neighborhoods to hold meetings and integrate the arts into community events and organizing. The […]

First Neighborhood Campus Forum is a grand success

Our first Neighborhood Campus Forum brought our neighborhood partners together with faculty and students on UNC Charlotte’s main campus. Residents from Reid Park, Enderly Park, and Graham Heights spoke about the issues and research questions that impact their quality of life and sought partners on campus to help them answer these questions. Faculty and students […]

Foreclosure crisis’ after effects felt in neighborhoods

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The prevalence of abandoned houses due to the lengthy foreclosure crisis has increased in Charlotte. “Zombie properties” denote a property that an owner has walked away from but the bank or lender has yet to take ownership of it. It is truly a house in limbo. These abandoned properties can attract disrepair, vandalism, and crime. […]

Climbing the Income Ladder may depend on where you live in the US

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The study in the New York Times looks at how the spatially segregated and physically divided urban landscapes in America are negatively impacting those who earn lower incomes. It is harder for those in lower income brackets to move up the income ladder. The researchers quoted in the article found that mixed-income communities among other […]